Arugambay – Ella 6-7 may

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    I am planing on doing quick cultural tour to Ella-Kandy-Dambulla-Sirigama on my way to Colombo.
    Looking to share a taxi to Ella this Saturday or Sunday.

    More than welcome to join my quick trip to Colombo too.

    Amber Bel

    Hi Adriana, me and me two other friends also want to leave on 6th or 7th to Ella. Did you already recieve a taxi offer? Maybe we can share?


    Hey. I will probably leave Sunday. Haven’t found anyone yet and was thinking of takkng a tuk tuk but if we are 3 we can take an ac car. Should be about 10 000 rupi. Where are you staying?! Just having dinner at beach hut atm 🙂


    Add me on fb:


    Still looking. Leaving Sunday – 7th. Before lunch!


    Hello Amber and Adriana,

    I’d like to join you girls on the way to Ella on Sunday.
    It would work best for me if we were no less than 3 people.
    Please let me know – can also catch up in the bay if you like today.
    Melli :))


    Hey Melli. Thanks for joining in. I am in between decision to leave today or tomorrow because we were going to camp.tonight but this weather. Who knows. Im going for walk to main point for a bit then back to guesthouse to check out. But might stay tonight anyway…i want to get a bit of surf before heading back. Add me on fb. Will be easier to stay in touch. Tuk tuk ride will be cheaper btw 😉 and fun!

    Amber Bel

    Hi Adriana and Meli, we’ve found a driver who is asking 8500 LKR. A reasonable price, however we are trying to bargain a bit. I will add you on Facebook so we can discuss further.


    In reconsideration, we actually prefer leaving today. Since the weather is a but disappointing today. What’s your thoughts on this?

    Will add you on fb after breakfast


    Only reason to leave tomorrow is camping at lion rock tonight… found a taxi for 7000 rpi.. maybe can leave after dinner/bbq get to ella late tonight. Travel should be 2-3hours tops wjth traffic. Anyway. Add me and we can chat.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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